Sound Problems With In Windows 7

To Fix Sound Problem in Windows 7 , please try these two simple methods: Method 1 : Please go to Control Panel and open ‘Device Manager’ – Locate “Sound, Video and Game Controller’ – Right click on your device’s sound card but click on ‘Update driver software…” – install the updates if available – if not, please right click on your sound card and then click ‘Uninstall’ – close all windows and restart your computer – After restart, Windows will automatically install the uninstalled drivers. And now check the sound. If this didn’t work.Sound problems.

Method 2: Click on start menu – search for ‘Services’ – Open ‘Services’ and locate ‘ Windows Audio’ – right click on it and open ‘Properties’ – click on fourth tab ‘Dependencies’ and please note down the three services written there.

And now, locate those three services in the list of services and right click each and select ‘Start’ if they are not started already. Now, double click on ‘Windows Audio’ service – change startup type to ‘Automatic’ and click ‘Start’ – ‘Apply’ – ‘OK’. We hope this video will help you

Sound problems with Windows 10

Recently, on August 29 (I believe), my laptop (a hp already installed with Windows 10) was automatically updated and immediately after, my sound was muffled.

Almost as if it were coming out of a can. I have done a lot of research about why this is happening, but I couldn’t find anything quite like what I’ve been experiencing. I’ve also looked up a lot of different ways to fix sound problems in laptop, some examples being:

-going to SOUNDS>PLAYBACK>right click to PROPERTIES> DISABLE>press OK>then ENEBLE (I have found that this method works, but the problem will reoccur once a new video/song/or after a pause occurs.)

-going to DEVICE MANAGER>REALTEK HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO> right click to UPDATE DRIVER SOFTWARE/or UNINSTALL (however, these only worked for a few minutes)

This sound issue has become quite annoying and a little frightening that my laptop is broken. I feel that I have tried everything that I can think of but  seen. If ANYONE has any idea what I should try, PLEASE respond:)

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Sound Errors in Windows XP

Some cases you will see a concrete error that can help you fix the sound problem in Windows XP. The media player you are using can give an error.

You can check the Device Manager but see an error on the audio device.
Typical examples of sound errors in Windows XP are:

  • WAV sound playback error detected
  • Your audio hardware cannot play files like the current file
  • Windows Media Player cannot play the file
  • This device cannot start. (Code 10)
  • there is simply no sound
  • For instance the sound is not working for internet pages
  • the sound only works on a headset and not on the speakers
  • sound is of bad quality
  • Above all surround sound is not working.