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Freshdesk Customer Care Number, Freshdesk is a SaaS helpdesk with features that suit both small businesses and large organizations. Its most notable features include multichannel function, integrated gamification for incentives, and smart automation. Likewise, it has self-service portals and standard features like ticketing and community platform. Therefore, you can convert customer emails to tickets for faster and more accurate response.

Since, you can also link tickets to forum queries or the other way around for consistent replies or answers. Pre-built with Live Chat, Phone Support, and Game Mechanics, Freshdesk also integrates with popular business apps, such as mailers, CRM, and productivity software, to create a seamless connection between customer data and relevant files. Use apps like YouTube, Google Apps, Slideshare, and other widgets to enrich your helpdesk ecosystem. Freshdesk also features a mobile app for iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. As with other Freshdesk reviews, we assess the software’s benefits, pricing and technical specs to help you see if it fits your needs.

Main features of Freshdesk

  • Convert email to ticket
  • Knowledge base
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Automated ticket routing and scenario automation
  • Social channel support like Facebook & Twitter
  • Community Portal with Idea Management & Voting
  • Multi-brand helpdesk channels
  • Freshbooks, Google Apps, Harvest, CapsuleCRM integration
  • Support for different languages and global locations
  • Freshdesk Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Leaderboard & gamification

Benefits of Freshdesk

Manage Customer Queries Efficiently

Freshdesk offers multiple support channels such as phone and email, as well as social media, chats, and forum. With this, you can manage all queries in a single dashboard and even queue them based on its urgency, service level agreements, or other metrics of your preference. On top of that, Freshdesk also has the capacity to support self-service options such as knowledge bases and forums so that customers can help themselves to the information that they need.

Simplified Ticketing Management

As mentioned previously, Freshdesk has a ticket management system that can be configured to your unique operational processes. Like in other platforms, this feature allows users to monitor the number of service requests or inquiries that they need to handle and make sure they don’t overlook anything. What sets this software apart is that it is completely scalable and configurable. This way, they can label, queue, and route tickets according to their workflow. Moreover, their ticketing system offers built-in collaboration tools such as agent collision detection to avoid duplicate responses to a single ticket.

Boost Productivity with Intelligent Automation

You can automate tasks to boost your support team’s productivity. Hence, the software offloads repetitive tasks. In many cases, FAQs can be answered with a canned response. The Dispatch’r automatically prioritizes and assigns tickets to allow the manager to focus on tracking performance. Using this, you can route tickets according to the different skills of your agents as well as make notify them about their tasks.  There is also a “Supervisor” feature that audits unresolved tickets or overdue tasks so that you can follow up on them as soon as possible.

Easy to Set Up and Customize

Freshdesk is designed for easy setup in order to accelerate user adoption. Plus, you can set up your service level agreements (SLAs) to define ticket priorities and resolution time. The tickets can be categorized based on your SLA policy which helps you save time and manage customer expectations. You can view the most urgent issues and their allotted response time. SLA customization is a boon if you have multiple products. You can set the operational hours for different priority levels. This lets your customers know when to expect a response. You can also customize the support portal with your logo and brand colors.

Possible error messages related to an API call in Freshdesk

  • 400- Client or Validation Error
  • 404- Requested Resource not Found
  • 409- Inconsistent/Conflicting State
  • 500- Unexpected Server Error
  • 415- Unsupported Content-type
  • 405- Method not allowed
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